Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Side of Mayhem or Roasted Potatoes?

We usually enjoy taking the girls out to restaurants with us but after last week, I think we'll be getting take away for a while.

1. Buttercup insisted that she be held the entire time with the extra condition that it had to be me.

2. Strawberry insisted on making two trips to the restroom. She seems to be fascinated by public washrooms.

3. Buttercup needed a diaper change but there was no change table. I find this bizarre for a restaurant that has a children's menu.

4. I spent half the time picking up toys off the floor.

5. The girls didn't really eat anything but bread. They did drink orange juice.

6. I found it too trying to eat so I got half my meal to go. At least I had a glass of wine.

7. There was a look of sheer terror on Strawberry's face when the waiter yelled Opa. She saw the flames rise causing her to jump right out of her seat and run to me. (Yes it was a Greek restaurant.)

8. After the initial fright wore off, she couldn't wait to see this happen again.

9. Other children were given crayons and a colouring page but the waitress did not think to offer that to Strawberry.

10. A little boy decided to run around the table and poke every person as he made his rounds. This made it a challenge for us to keep Strawberry in her chair.

11. Colin's stomach was causing him severe pain.

12. Buttercup was completely miserable, voicing her unhappiness and she didn't care that the other patrons were glaring at her mom.

13. Our patience had long disappeared so we paid our portion of the bill, offered apologies and were out the door before our friends even had their jackets on.

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Tink said...

I can imagine you'll turn to take-away for a while! Pity you couldn't enjoy the Greek food, I love it. I hope the to go part tasted better at home. :-)
My TT has 13 words to describe me.

Zeus said...

Goodness. You must have the patience of Job! Here's to hoping the next time you eat out that it's a much more pleasant experience.

Happy Thursday to you!

Genki Girl said...

Oh my!! That is soooooo my life! But I have 4! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this restaurant horror!! Great post!

scooper said...

Going out to eat is always fun *rolling eyes*. I'm glad my girls are older now (7 & 4) so I can occasionally go out to eat and actually eat.

mamatulip said...

Ack! That sounds...stressful!

Ugh, it pisses me off to NO END when places don't have change tables. I mean, COME ON, people. If you are boasting a kid's menu, you should have a change table. They're right up there with booster seats and high chairs (and crayons and paper).

my 2 cents said...

Sounds like a very trying experience. I hope next time will be better!

Thanks for visiting my Thurs 13 earlier today!!

Rashenbo said...

Oh yeah... I remember those days. I'm so glad mine are older now! :) Doesn't it make you appreciate those nice quite meals at home... you know that snack you scarf down after dinner because you weren't able to finish your meal because you had to get up every 2 seconds ?

ewe are here said...

I will never understand how 'family' restaurants don't have changing tables!

Sorry it was so trying. Been there!

kittenpie said...

I recall my parents having to cut and run a few times when sisterpie was young. And she was totally fascinated with bathrooms, too. She had to go at least once everywhere we ever went. Even in the grottiest of chinese restaurants - blech.

Bridgermama said...

funny, after last night we too are taking a break from going out for meals, as a family. Here's to date night!

nomotherearth said...

I so hear you on the restaurant mayhem! And I thought that The Boy was the only kid who goes to restaurants and refused everything but the bread! I feel better now.

Izzy said...

Oy! So many of those sound familiar! I usually end up inhaling my food when we eat out because I'm so over the amount of work that goes into satisfying 2 little people and keeping them out of trouble.

Izzy said...

Oy! So many of those sound familiar! I usually end up inhaling my food when we eat out because I'm so over the amount of work that goes into satisfying 2 little people and keeping them out of trouble.

chelle said...

Eeep! Sounds like you need a night out with hubby on your own! I am so looking forward to having two kids to maintain! hehe!

Buttercup said...

Wow. That sounds like a difficult dinner. Good for you for hanging in there, and I'm glad you at least got to enjoy a glass of wine!

Lisa said...

Oh wow. Can I relate to your experience. Gah.

On the upside, you'll probably end up saving alot of money when you get stuff "to go." heehee. (We sure did!)

Teena said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love when new people comment. :)

My husband and I are childless (though trying) and this fact sometimes saddens me. It made me smile to see that sometimes there are good points to dining without children.

Momma Bee said...

Oh man, no fun!! Maybe think about a babysitter next time and a non-family restaurant? :)

Thanks for stopping by yesterday!!

amy said...

Loved this list and cant wait to experience it but it will be a while. We are adopting from CHina, and stories like these make our wait better

Trish said...

I only have one - and he's a strapping 17-year old now. When he was younger, he was always an angel when we went out - but when my friends took him out, he liked to embarass them. LOL

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Nancy said...

It's funny, because when we go out to eat with our girls everything either goes smoothly with no glitches -- or it's a complete and utter disaster. After one of the latter times we'll usually do takeout or delivery for awhile until the memory of our failed restaurant experience begins to fade. ;-)