Thursday, April 26, 2007

Auto conflict

Crazymumma recently asked me a question. Instead of emailing her directly I figured why not blog about it.

The question was… you ever have conflict about having your car, your silver one? I am feeling very conflicted about keeping the Trans Am, but it just feels so darn good....

The answer is no. I have no conflict about having the Cutlass. Just so that everyone knows it’s a 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe. Silver paint with a black vinyl roof. It’s almost all original but with a few tweaks to it. I could go into more detail but this is a mommy blog forum so I won’t bore you all with grease monkey talk.

The story of the car was that it originally came up for sale back when I was 19. They were only asking $3300.00 and it ended up being sold to a good friend of my dad. Back then that was probably for the best. If you give a classic car to any kid that age and it would have either been driven into the ground or it would have ended up kissing a telephone poll. Instead the car was basically stored in a heated garage for ten years. I heard it was coming up for sale one Labour Day weekend and I expressed my interest in buying it. The lucky fluke of this story was that I got offered to do a side job. It was a fair sized project. I needed to hire three other guys and it would cost me the better part of the Thanksgiving weekend. By the time I paid everyone I still ended up with five thousand in my pocket. I eagerly handed over $5,500.00 for the car. It was in great shape. Twenty four thousand original miles, no rust on it and the 350 Rocket pulled strong.

Since then I have doubled the miles on it. Scratched it down the side while listening to the music too loud and parking it in the garage. A door ding and other little imperfections but it has its place. We have a double garage off the back that’s good and dry. It’s only driven from May till September. (that rule might get bent a little if the weather is exceptional) I have a number of little improvements for it that I will get to eventually. I haven’t been all that much of a gearhead since the girls were born. It needs a ball joint for the front end, the weather stripping is dry and cracking and I don’t drive it as much as I would like. Yet I will never sell this car. It’s Canadian made and as old as me. I don’t feel guilty for it being a gas hog or that its value is equivalent of a few years tuition at university. I didn’t have to scrimp and save to get the car. I made no sacrifice to purchase my muscle car. It simply came to me when the time was right.

Jana has always been very cool about the car too. I know it’s not her ‘thing’. She doesn’t like the fact that you don’t have to wear seatbelts in it. In cars made before 1974 the seatbelts are optional because lap belts have actually been proven to cause more harm to the passengers. This weirds her out. For me I feel sorry for who ever the tank hits. She would never ask me to sell it or give me the… “I think you’ve outgrown this” speech.

So ya… if it feels good, go with it.

8 Singing the blues:

MotherBumper said...

I can totally respect and understand why you keep a treasure like this one. Just looking at the cut of that car reminds me of my childhood.

crazymumma said...

Thanks Niloc. I needed that. mr mumma, who loves the car so deep so dear (it was really his idea to buy it in the first place) won
800$ worth of tires at a basketball game. He has assured me that this summer I am going to be even more rocked out than last summer.

It is more than a car. Like Mama Tulip's Black filing cabinte, it represents a state of mind.

We should all go cruising someday...the families, in our beautiful cars.

Gabriella said...

I wouldn't give that car up either! You too Crazymumma!

Lisa b said...

What a great story. You and this care were meant to be together.
You have a two car garage? I am moving to your 'hood.

Glad Crazymumma was convinced. I cannot bear to think of her giving up her trans am.

kittenpie said...

Oooh, it's a nice one, too!
Hey, you could totally sell those two guitars to buy yourself a ball joint!

Marcie said...

LOVE THAT CAR! It's my dream to own a muscle car someday.

L.A. Daddy said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you. Okay, there are many, but this is a big one.

My (other) baby is parked in the garage. It's a '68 Pontiac GTO. Maroon. 400. Rebuilt the top half myself. Yummy goodness.

LA Mommy knew better than to even think about it.

Now... the motorcycle, I feel guilty about. But LA Toddler holds on to the gas tank real good, so I'm not too worried.

lildb said...

Jana's a peach.

I totally dig the car. I had a Ford Galaxie 500 for a year or so in my mid-twenties. It killed me to let it go.