Friday, May 04, 2007

Dude Meme

Ok… I’m going to try something that hasn’t been attempted yet. Well… nothing I’ve seen online anyways. I know the number of guys who write on their wives blogs are few and far between. I want to coax them out a little and see if they would do a guy/hubby meme. It’s painless and should only take a few minutes. I'm not going to ask the typical questions. (Boxers or Briefs) If the guys aren’t into it then the Mommy Bloggers can answer it for them OR do it themselves. (Just be sure to specify who is doing the talking.)

What was your first car and what about it made it so great? (Do I bother asking what their dream car is?)
My first car was a used 1983 AMC Spirit GT. It came with a torque filled 4.2 inline six and a Borg Warner 5 speed transmission. (same as the 5.0 Mustangs) When I first bought it I didn’t have a clue how to drive stick. It took me a day to get it out of the driveway and halfway down the block. I finally gave up and my Dad had to park it for me. When I did learn how to work the clutch it was hard to drive because it didn’t have power steering till after I installed it. Imagine white knuckling the steering wheel praying you downshifted to the proper gear at the end of the turn. AMC’s were cheap but decent. I learned how to fix cars on that little two door. Bloodied knuckles and lessons learned. It’s too bad I drove the $#@% out of it.

I can’t think of anything specific that would be my ‘dream car’. There is too many to pick from. I do know it would probably be something from the late ‘60s and probably Mopar. One of those Plumb Crazy or wild and bright colours they used to have.

Saying something like the new Porsche Cayman S would be way too easy.

What is the most played song on your iTunes / WMP or whatever you are listening to music on your computer with? And… Name five bands that made a big impression on you but never made it big on the charts.
Brassy – Work It Out from the Got It Made CD. Played 14 times on iTunes. The girls love this song.
And five bands… I will have to be careful not to pick any that Jana has listed with her Top 100 list. (thankfully she still has only done the first 20)
- Dig. One of those bands Jana surprised me with and that I couldn't stop listening to.
- Seaweed. I don't remember how i stumbled on these guys but they are one of the few bands i haven't see live that I was really into.
- Toadies. Simple straight forward rock. The Rubberneck CD is great start to finish.
- Doves. One of the most melodic bands from the UK but not quite BritPop. I am amazed they never broke bigger than they did. They are brilliant live. I've lost count how many times I've seen them.
- Summercamp. One of those bands that you would have loved to hear what their second CD might have sounded like. Their first and only full album was so much more than 'Drawer', their minor hit.

Do you know what end of the hammer to hold? What was your last project around the house?
I hold the stick end and hit my thumb with the heavy end. My last project is still ongoing. Our bathroom is in drastic need of finishing but I can’t square up the back wall. (the window doesn’t have a proper header or sill plate) I have to remove the tub to retrieve my wedding band before anything more happens. It fell behind one bath night. Once we save up little extra money or get our taxes back I’m hiring someone to do the tile for us and it will be easy to wrap up once that is out of the way.

What is your best method for avoiding chick flicks?
I don’t really have to avoid them. With two little ones who has time for a movie? Usually I always groan when Jana comes home with a DVD rental. But they aren’t all bad chick flicks. They just have poor titles as if they were bad chick flicks. I have a bad habit of pegging a movie a chick flick if its not your typical Dude film.

Who’s more of the techno geek in your house? This can apply to tools, toys, gadgets, geeking at home on the computer or anything else that might apply.
Jana would argue that I’m the only tool in the house. But she can geek out pretty large with her blog and flickr account. She’s the reason I have a page up on Facebook. She filled it all out for me and passed on the addiction. I was geeking with the iPod not too long ago but I’m starting to get a headache from picking and choosing what will fit on the damn thing. I am the one who will tinker and attempt to fix something around the house when it needs it.

What are three things that are a part of your life that you would never see your own dad doing?
-I can never see my dad biking it to work. Something I'm really enjoying right now.
- Wasting time online doing stuff like this or tooling around on jeep websites. I guess I should add 'writing occasionally' to the list.
-And lastly I don't see him losing any portion of his hearing because of loud music or clubs / concerts / etc...

What’s the last “Dude! I just got a _______ from _______” thing that you really didn’t need but bought anyways?
Dude! I just got a 5 Gallon Air Compressor with the Impact Gun and Air Ratchet from Crappy Tire. I used to have full access to a full garage after hours and I miss the lift, the air tools and all the other things I would never own but need when you are too cheap to pay someone else to fix your car for you. I really didn’t need it but the price was kickass but when the fuel pump went on my VW TDI it was way too complicated of a job to do in your own garage. Yet I still went out and bought the Impact Sockets for it when they went on sale. I needed this when I had the old AMC Spirit.

What is the wildest / craziest / dangerous etc… thing you have gotten away with? This can (or should) involve the Cops. Common guys, this is your chance to really brag!
It was around 4am and three guys in the ’69 olds. The famous last words were… “What will this puppy do?” Picture my foot coming down like a thousand pound lead weight. We were driving north on Bathurst and I saw the light turn green ahead of me at College. There was plenty of room to make a high speed run. The only problem I didn’t forsee was the Cop sitting at the red light on College who watched me blow through the intersection full bore! I backed off then and it took the Cop a good three blocks to catch up with me, lights flashing. I pulled over and I have never been told to get out of the car before by an Officer. He was pissed! He asked me if I knew how fast I was going and I wasn’t about to self incriminate so I said… No clue! (I did glance down at the speedo and it was reading the high side of 80Mph) He ranted for a little bit and my friends thought I was done for. They thought I was going to jail. He wrote me a ticket for 99Kmh in a 50 Zone. I believe this was the maximum amount without taking my licence then and there. He instructed me to go home and 'Park it'. Not so bad considering. Six demerits and a $350.00 fine. I consulted an Ex-Cop from Points and he said as long as he didn’t have me on radar or any other hard evidence against me he really had no proof. I got all dolled up for my court appearance and I was ready for the confrontation. As long as I never said anything about my true speed I was scott free. The Cop never showed.

It’s not a dude meme if it doesn’t include something regarding the opposite sex. When was the last time you experienced a true head turner? Where you couldn’t help but take that second glance at someone. Remember to be creative in your response. It will get you in less trouble.
This one is easy. I was at Crappy Tire on Sunday and I was walking past the magazine rack. There she was… Halle Berry on the cover of Esquire Magazine. It’s a simple B&W photo of her in little black brazillian panties and a matching tight bodice. I’ll admit that Halle is a beautiful woman but she’s never clubbed me over the head like this before. I don’t know if it’s because of what she is wearing or what got to me… Even tho I was tempted I did manage to leave the store without buying the issue.

OK. That's it. I would like to tag Misterpie, McH, C who's making sure The Kids Are Alright, Dave Handbasket and L.A. Daddy. Anyone is welcome to join in. Give us a heads up and we will link back to you.

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metro mama said...

Great idea Jana! Love the questions. I'll get busy strong-arming McH!

Anonymous said...

Mmm. A fun meme! I love fun memes. Fun memes are cool.

L.A. Daddy said...

Oops. I accidentally posted Anonymously... damn my opposable thumbs!

Sandra said...

Great job Mr. Blue ... is it okay to call you that? Love your meme ... hope all the blog guys join in.

nonlineargirl said...

I will see if I can get my man to do this. He's reticent by nature, but he's allowed as how he'd guest post if I told him what to write about.

kittenpie said...

Misterpie is totally reluctant to give me any bloggy action, even when I begged him to guest post for my birthday, so I've done this for him and it's now posted. He sucks at that stuff.

kgirl said...

awesome! c keeps threatening to take over my blog, and now he's gonna have to step right up.

Chantal said...

I would get my better half to do this, but like you, he only has a Facebook acct because of me, so I think I know what his answer would be!