Friday, September 28, 2007

Do Mothers Belong on Facebook?

People that are on the you love to hate it too social network, otherwise known as Facebook, are all jumping ship and I am here to be the black sheep that cries out… Wait! Let me give you a few reasons to hang around.

Sure their policies are hypocritical and that does suck, but they also save lives! That's right. The paper that broke the breastfeeding scandal of deleted profiles is now reporting that Facebook has saved a Canadian woman from rabies from an infected bat. So please don't go batshit crazy.

How about protesting their sucktitude with other methods? You could join the group Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene! (Official petition to Facebook) where over a thousand breastfeeding pictures are posted. You can add your own breastfeeding pictures in support of the women who had their profiles deleted.

Buy some onesies for your child that read:
"Why buy formula, when you can get the milk for free?"
"I know where my next meal is!"
"My mom's more than just a nice rack"

Sign me up for a fun night of protest where we go around and flash the girls to give people something to talk about for real. Everyone in their right mind knows that as soon as you attach a baby to a boob, the woman is sustaining her child's life. She is not trying to make you uncomfortable. She is not partaking in a sexual act. I don't think spring break activities have been protested as much as those evil mothers that are not starving their children.

To the people that pop their rocks at the mere sight of a breast, you might consider getting a tattoo to remind yourself that Spring Break = Sexual / Breastfeeding does not. Still having difficulties? Envision your own mother breastfeeding.

I support The League of Maternal Justice but dear friends and flee-ers of Facebook, please don't leave me alone with the hordes of women poking my husband. I must stay and check in on his profile.

If you do deactivate please stay away from all rabid animals.

P.S. There is a free trial of Picnik Premium available this week. It's an application that I discovered through Facebook. It's a super easy way to make your photos look stunning!

12 Singing the blues:

kgirl said...

Facebook... I hate you, but I just don't know how to quit you.

Thanks for the laugh.

p.s. my word verification is 'goymoi.' it's like a question my husband would ask.

kittenpie said...

I've fallen out of the habit of using it, to be honest, but it is a way to connect with a few people I don't talk to otherwise, so while I've joined the petition, I won't quit just yet. We'll see if they cave to the increasing media pressure like good, sensible corporate types.

Assertagirl said...

This must have been a bit tricky for you to post, because so many moms in the blog community are leaving Facebook. Have you tried cre8Buzz yet?

metro mama said...

I can't quit it, all my classmates are on there too!

motherbumper said...

You don't need to quit Facebook. But it's super cool that you are supporting The League (and cool button if I say so myself ;)

Lisa b said...

I can't quit it either but I joined the group and I want one of those buttons!

chelle said...

I agree that quitting Facebook may not be the ultimate answer. If there are no mothers there, who is going to help the next generation of women? I am disappointed that the leaders of Facebook are so short sighted that they do not realize all those young college girls are going to grow up to become, educated MOMS ...

Sandra said...

You know I won't leave you alone girlfriend :)

I actually need to keep my account for work. But even if I didn't, I believe there are many more answers and alternatives to fighting the idiotic things they do. The virtual breast feed event is an awesome idea, as is joining the facebook protest group, emails to the developers (which I've written), letters to the press, etc etc. There is like 43 million users on Facebook and I am willing to bet a small percentage are moms. If we all leave then they'll never listen.

Plus ... for me there are some good things about Facebook. I was recently reunited with someone very, very, very important to me and it would have been impossible without the technology.

Now lets get loud so the idiots that own the site stop oppressing nursing moms!!!

Heather said...

I'm still on Facebook. I put too much effort into what little bit I have on there to quit!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Gerri said...

Facebook is addictive. I'm not so hooked onit but my wife is hooked!!!

Megan/ Velveteen Mind said...

Stumbled onto you through the Good Blogs, though I know I've been here before. ;) Love the new pink. It is a fantastic reminder.

I've never been on Facebook, but have been covering this story and have my LoMJ post in the works. Plotting my video blogging for the Virtual Breast Fest as we speak.

However, all important boobie issues aside, the real reason I wanted to leave a comment is to thank you for the Picnik mention. Because, after all, what's the point of having functioning, healthy breasts if we can't show them off online?

I'd never heard of it before, but it looks like just the software I need. Thanks!

Oh Baby Gifts said...

I have to agree with sandra. There are alternate ways to fighting facebook. There is not enough moms on facebook to boycott it. I think the petition is probably the best idea though.