Monday, October 01, 2007


This past month I started sharing on Google Reader. It has enabled me to be in complete awe at the sheer volume of perfect posts that are out there. Lisa b's post "Different" brought me back to December 20, 2002.

It was the Friday before Christmas. I was home early that day when the phone rang. It is crazy how your life can change simply by answering the phone. It was my doctor saying that there were some indicators in my test results warning that my pregnancy was abnormal. Being that I was 19 weeks along we would be rushed into genetic counseling.

On Christmas Eve we sat in the same building as Lisa where we were told frightening numbers. The odds that our first child would have Trisomy 18 were not good. Due to the fact that only a small percentage of babies survive the full term and then typically only live a few days, the counselor explained how we could terminate the pregnancy. I left scared, confused, discouraged and feeling all alone.

I remember walking though my neighbourhood. The houses were all lit up with twinkling lights while I felt pregnantly empty. I was completely disconnected with everyone and everything. We immediately scheduled an amnio to confirm if the ultrasound and the blood work were correct. That January was the longest month of my life. The next altering phone call came on January 30th when we were given the all clear.

Lisa's description of her own Different experience is chilling. She is a strong woman and I admire her deeply.

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You may have noticed that I'm going pink!

This month I'm turning this blog pink. I'll be educating myself regarding issues related to breast cancer. Stay tuned as I increase awareness and uncover some interesting information.

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motherbumper said...

Oh girl, you look so damn pretty in pink - gorgeous in fact.

I read Lisa's post and now yours - you are both strong women - I'm not sure how I would have reacted in the same situation.

Kyla said...

Definitely a good choice with the Perfect Post. That post is inspiring others left and right.

Thanks for writing this. I am just so appalled with these stories that are coming out; these horrible experiences seem to happen all too frequently.

What if you had taken him at his word? No Strawberry? The world just couldn't be the same.

I LOVE that photo of you. Beautiful, beautiful.

ewe are here said...

Love the pink.

I've had a good friend go through something similar: poor scan/bloodwork results, agonizing wait for the amnio... then, huge relief to find that all was well. They now have a lovely wee baby girl.

Lisa b said...

Love you in pink. Is that a new haircut?

Thanks for the award and for sharing your story with us.

nomotherearth said...

I loved that post too. Good choice!

Sandra said...

Lisa B and her strength and her story are amazing. So are you. Perfect choice for a perfect post.

I'm loving something baby pink!!

kittenpie said...

Wow, that is so terrifying. What a thing to have to wait for. Now I'll share some of my Lisa hugs with you! (())