Sunday, June 10, 2007

B.O.B. (Bullets Over Blogland)

As seen here, here and often here, bullets are all the rage.

I can't get my act together. I'm twelve days behind in the 365 project. I have dozens of personal e-mails that need to be composed. I have to write for MBT. I'm sick. It's just a chest cold/throat thing. I must comment on your site. Gah! Please, please forgive my lack of blather commenting. I've been reading through bloglines and google reader so I know how far behind I am. I figure most of you have given up on me, as you should. But the love! I have so much love for you all. I should install an official slacker seal. You don't even want to see the sorry state of my house.

You may ask, "What have you been doing?" That is a really good question. I don't have time to ponder that and I have absolutely no idea. I guess I spend my time going through the motions of every day life and exerting an insane amount of energy on feeling guilty for not being able to keep up my online life.

30/365, Birthday Girl

Strawberry had a birthday. She's four! I seem to be struggling with this. Up to eighteen months is an infant and then comes the tantrum filled years but at four she has moved beyond that. Four seems so grown up. The changes in appearance and behavior, the quick grasp of knowledge, the ability to reason, the range of emotions and the fragileness that comes with all of this is overpowering. We had a birthday party for her at Nana's house. Strawberry requested a Happy Feet birthday cake. While her guests played outside, she wanted to do a new puzzle on the dining room table. Her little sister slept in the living room. It was the most fun I've had in a long time.

I also had an extreme amount of fun with Metro Mama when we went to Evil Dead: The Musical. I couldn't stop smiling! If you get the chance to see it… Go! You can check out Metro Mama's recap of the night.

Two days earlier, I took the girls to a musical of their own - Go Diego Go! It was Buttercup's first time at one of these children events. She couldn't understand why there was an intermission and cried for Diego to come back for the whole twenty minutes. We're still singing "We're gonna get your growl back" around the house.

I'm off to the airport for a trip out west and I've run out of time. I'm scared of mosquitos... Later!

16 Singing the blues:

metro mama said...

Have a wonderful trip!

kgirl said...

enjoy your trip! I was wondering if Bee was too young for the Diego show, but probaby not. No more excuses, I guess.

ewe are here said...

Strawberry is just lovely. Glad she had a happy birthday. :-)

kittenpie said...

I t was a lovely party! (and her outfit was fab, darling)

I've been feeling much the same way - I feel like I haven't had time for anything, but that's really because I've been passing out on the couch early every night, exhausted. Seems what I don't have is the energy, in fact. How do people DO this?!

I hope you have a wonderful and restorative trip, Blue.

mamatulip said...

You sound BUSY. Damn, girl.

Hope you can put your feet up soon, with laptop in lap.

Izzy said...

Don't worry about commenting and all that. We'll all still be here.

Your daughter is precious!

And have a great trip :)

Mrs. Chicky said...

She's four?? Wow, she really is all grown up. And she's beautiful... Of course.

nonlineargirl said...

Four is very grown up.

I was just thinking of you tonight, as I uploaded a photo of my girl that reminded me of yours. (The hair and the eyes, mostly)

crazymumma said...

Aw. I love 4. And what is not to love about Happy Feet. we have watched and listened to it hundreds of times already!

Have fun out west, and don't worry about not keeping up, we are all in the same boat....

ali said...

ah! happy birthday!! :)

enjoy your trip!

nomotherearth said...

Happy Birthday Strawberry! If you've watched Sound of Music, four is "almost a lady".

L.A. Daddy said...

Ah, four! I can't wait for LA Toddler to hit that magical age. Even on good days, we're always going at it :)

Feel better and have a good trip!

Nancy said...

I feel like you -- too busy to blog (or clean house, or do much of anything), but I couldn't tell you what I've actually been doing.

Happy Belated Birthday to your adorable girl!

And have a great trip!

Kerri said...

Strawberry is adorable. They grow up so fast. It is great that you are documenting her life (a la your life) in your blog.

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If you do choose to blog about Maya & Miguel show or episodes on the DVD, please make it clear how you received the information. Our goal is to be open and honest with everyone we reach.

Kerri Roberts, BoldMouth

Pattie said...

Just checking in to see how you are...
hope all is well

mo-wo said...

That is just the cutest kid on the whole Interweb.