Thursday, October 04, 2007

Go Team!

Did I ever tell you that I love you, sweet internets? I do! To clarify I'm talking about the most awesome people that take the time to comment. The support given is mind blowing. Of course if you encouraged me to jump off a bridge, I would listen to you because your power is invincible.

I have officially signed up for the November blogging challenge. I'm #679. Yes, I'm now reduced to a NaBloPoMo number. This is where I go all cheerleader on your ass and with boundless enthusiasm add "You can do it too!" Or would you rather I woo you with my seductive voice? "The water's warm. Come on... You know you want to..." I'll save the begging for later but by golly there are prizes to be won! Of course there is the blog bling.

In other news, a very happy Irish potato head is being held by Australian customs officers. Upon its arrival down under, nearly 300 grams of ecstasy was discovered inside the toy. That Mr. P. Head is probably facing life imprisonment. Who knew he was such a bad boy?

6 Singing the blues:

Kyla said...

I think I'm going to follow you off that bridge. ;)

Mr. P is very naughty...and perhaps he should changed his name to Mr. E.

motherbumper said...

OMG - please go read my post today (my NaBloPoMo buddy) - great minds or what?

Sandra said...

ooooh I want to do it ... but I don't know.... am such a follower of your mesmerizing red locks ... must. look. away. or. will. get. sucked. in.

too late :)

I'm doin it

nomotherearth said...

You know, I was reading your post after Motherbumper's and I was thinking - what have I missed?? Is Mr Potato Head the new cool...? I'm such a nerd.

Gabriella said...

I'll be cheering you on and I'm thinking I might just have to be a sheep and follow along! Oh god was that Mr.Potatohead story funny!

ewe are here said...

I'll be standing on the bridge and waving furiously ...well, maybe whenever I can sneak a peek at a computer ... seeing as I'll be on holiday the first ten days or so of November.

The mr potato head story cracks me up, especially since we have one. Bad potato, bad potato!