Thursday, November 01, 2007

Making the most of your Jack O'Lantern

The trick or treaters came and went in a frenzy last night but it felt like they all packed it in earlier than usual. Not that I am complaining but we did have three really cool pumpkins that were no longer going to be enjoyed. For all the creative efforts the pumpkins life as a Jack O'Lantern is a short one. Soon to be stacked on the top of the green bin and taken away.

Nana was visiting to see the girls all dressed up and share the sugar buzz. I was going to be driving her home when we were all done but I had an idea before we left the house. I was going to prank some good friends of ours while I was out.

After I dropped my Mom off it was a quick jaunt to drive by my friend's house. I propped a pumpkin on their porch to spook them in the morning. When I got home I emailed them a photo of the same pumpkin and wrote a simple note: TRICK OR TREAT!

This morning I was at work and had forgotten about my little detour when I got a call from D. She thanked me for the prank. She got my email before she left for work and was honestly surprised by the Jack O'Lantern staring back at her when she opened the door. It was a good laugh.

Then I realized something. My buddy is in Philadelphia on business. D was home alone and I just pranked her, something Jana would have scolded me for. (And soon will when she reads this!) I know it's just a pumpkin on a porch but there was an added factor to it…

We originally had it filled with water and glow sticks. I'm glad that D was such a good sport.

4 Singing the blues:

Kyla said...

I would have TOTALLY freaked. I'm glad she was a good sport.

nomotherearth said...

That's a funny trick. Must try it next year.

kittenpie said...

Oh! Yeah, that's not nice.
And hey, isn't it cheating to have your spouse help with your NaBloPoMo obligations?

mamatulip said...

Dude. I would have peed.