Sunday, November 04, 2007

Push It

There's nothing like taking advantage of the time change and waiting for the last few minutes of NaBloPoMo day four to keep the thrill intense.

My need for sleep almost won. It almost always does. Like last night in the movie theatre with my husband and George Clooney. His cooler than ice character rolled nicely with the gripping story line. The drama was filled with double-edged dialogue more cruel than violence. Couple that with a few jump out of your seat moments and you got yourself a fantastic blockbuster.

It was so quiet in the movie theatre that I was afraid that munching on popcorn would be too noisy for the person next to me. Forget about trying to unwrap candy.

I felt overwhelmingly tired as I ran errands this morning but got a burst of energy being surrounded by some lovely women this afternoon. We wanted to celebrate kgirl and nomotherearth's bundles of joy. Nomotherearth's baby decided to be born yesterday, likely in consideration of his mom, so that she can soon pour herself a big glass of red wine.

Kgirl looked absolutely radiant in her last few days of pregnancy. I encouraged everyone to eat chocolate mice from Frangipane Patisserie. There was never a lull in the conversation being surrounded by such enchanting women.

I still have one million things that I have to do before the end of this weekend. Definitely a lot more than one extra hour is going to buy me.

10 Singing the blues:

crazymumma said...

And how wonderful it was to be coerced into eating a chocalate mouse it was!

I really cannot get over how radiant Kgirl looked. All those hormones flowing in the right direction....

kgirl said...

...Like straight to my ass?
You gals rock. I needed a lovely lady estrogen injection badly, and yesterday afternoon did me a world of good. I can't believe NoMo had her baby before me, but I was pretty surprised that my water didn't break on the spot when Scarbie and her GORGEOUS Lucine came in.

and mmm... chocolate mice.

Don Mills Diva said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all - there's nothing like girl talk for a burst of energy!

motherbumper said...

Oh that was too much fun (now I'm craving another chocolate mouse - nicely done and sweet pics SBB)

ali said...

yeah - whatever...she's way hot... :)

Lisa b said...

Kgirl you are lovely and glowing.
Like I said it is so cute when it isn't you.

And J is such a hostess. She was telling me how Cakes is the welcome baby at playgroup. Wonder where she gets that from?

How did we all get so lucky? I have no idea.
It was great to see you.

b*babbler said...

How terrific does kgirl look? And wonderful news about NoMo!

petite gourmand said...

sounds like a great time!

Mrs. Chicky said...

No pregnant woman that close to giving birth should look that radiant and gorgeous. It's just not fair.

kittenpie said...

kgirl did look fantastic. She wears the whole thing so well.

And I love spending time with you and the other amazing bloggirls. ~love!~