Monday, January 21, 2008

Expanding Our Family

It is babies, babies and more babies in 2008. Our family is growing!

Our Jewel Cichlids are doing all the breeding in our house but that is not the case for mothergoosemouse. Her virtual baby shower is happening today!

As we both have two daughters, our lives have probably resembled each others, a mix of pink and purple ponies and princesses. Julie will soon have something baby blue, the adoration of a beautiful boy.

The only real advice that I can offer to you on your third child is don't eat your small fry. I have been watching our fish gobble up many of their babies. It seems their offspring make a nice snack. To say that I find this disturbing is an understatement.

Soon your daughters can help dress up their little brother in cute outfits. They will share their hilarious humour. Your home is sure to be filled with laughter and love and that is the best kind of home that there is!

5 Singing the blues:

Heather said...

Ha! At my house the dressing up in pretty things is all my son's idea!

motherbumper said...

That is the best kind of home!

Oh and eating your young is not highly recommended and I agree, disturbing - do fish have a CPS?


niloc said...

The Jewel Cichlids are very protective parents. What Jana might have mistaken as one of them eating their young is actually a way they keep the tiny fry in one place. They suck them into their mouths then spit them out where it is safer.
A number of their other tank mates (Yellow Labs, Kenyi and one Demasoni) have had a little fresh sushi snack.

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

"Don't eat your child."

Oh my God, how many times have I heard that one today?


kgirl said...

yes, best not to eat the babies.