Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two Tickets to Paradise

I gave Strawberry a pair of capris and she grabbed a tank top to wear.

Me - "Oh, I thought you would wear this striped T-shirt instead."

Her - "Fine. Whatever."

Me in shock - "Did you just turn into a teenager?"

Her - giggles...

I am not ready for summer to end. September feels like a month of Mondays. I want to pack a beach bag, read trashy novels while lying on a towel, build sandcastles, have the scent of suntan lotion linger in the air, enjoy gelato melting on my tongue, have drinks on patios and watch the sunset over the lake.

I'd rather have five months of summer, three months of winter with two months each of spring and fall for transition. However there is no fighting it. Fall has arrived.

I used to eagerly anticipate September back when I lived my life around television. This was BC. (aka: Before children.) I used to know what day of the week it was by what program was airing during primetime.

I have been addicted to ER, CSI, Medium, Friends, Seinfeld, X-Files, Party of Five, Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. I've been through TLC marathons. I've eaten up big servings of reality television. I've had premier and season finale parties. On occasion I have even dreamt of the characters during the summer months. Those season finale cliff hangers can really pack a punch.

I wish that I had watched Grey's Anatomy, Lost, 24 or Prison Break from the beginning but now I am stuck getting caught up on the DVD's. This is a hard task to do when I can't seem to fit an hour and a half for a movie that I rented three weeks ago. Hello restocking fees.

While I don't want to get involved with another Studio 60, I'm going to try to catch Big Shots starring Michael Vartan and Dylan McDermott. This new show will be in the time slot right after Grey's Anatomy premiering on September 27th. I think it will be ABC's male version of Desperate Housewives. Also mid-season I will try to catch Lipstick Jungle. I can't resist the tag line. "They're not looking for Mr. Big. They are Mr. Big."

Although in truth I cannot make a commitment to any television show. I can't be bothered to record shows that I'll probably never end up watching. If only I could stop all this sleeping that I seem to be accustomed to because I really do miss television. I should buy stocks in Beaver Buzz.

The only season premiere party that we will be having is on September 8th when season three of the Backyardigans airs and the following day for Go, Diego, Go!

There is one reality show that I was reading about that is totally appalling. Kid Nation features forty children from the ages of eight to fifteen. They are completely unsupervised for forty days. While the naughty finger is being pointed at the network for offering this contract for five thousand guaranteed dollars, shouldn't the public be more outraged that parents actually agreed to it? I would never subject my child to the possible emotional, psychological damage or the physical risk. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth but that's not to say I don't like me some reality fun. I'm crossing my fingers that a station in Canada will air the return of Paradise Hotel!

10 Singing the blues:

crazymumma said...

she's funny with her giggling....good luck in 10 years!

Mrs. Chicky said...

I hear ya lady. I'm all about the new television season. This year is the first in a few that I can get excited about it again (don't have to worry about a wee one waking up constantly).

And, yes, she's a teenager in the making. I'm so sorry. ;)

Gabriella said...

oooh Michael Vartan..i luvvv him...and yeah I was the same way my tv days are so limited...

Kyla said...

I couldn't live without my DVR. We live for TV...once the kiddies are in bed that is.

kgirl said...

I'm not really excited about any shows this year, but I love that you wrote your fall post about it!

chelle said...

These glimpses of teenagers in our preschoolers is freaky!

I do not want summer to end either but Autumn is so appealing!

Her Bad Mother said...

I used to love Septmeber because I loved back to school (I know). Now I love it for the TV. Which is worse, do you suppose?

kittenpie said...

Pumpkinpie has decided she wants to be 17. I think it's completely arbitrary, she doesn't know anyone of that age to compare to, but that's her call right now. I told her when she's 17, she can tell me if she likes it or not.

(And it looks like you have your wish of a couple more days of summer! Man, it's steamy all of a sudden. It's put our painting on hold - again.)

Christina said...

Tivo has become my God, and I worship it daily.

I'm looking forward to new episodes of House and Smallville. The new seasons can't get here fast enough.

(And I love, love, love that pic of Strawberry!)

Jenifer said...

I agree about Kid Nation.... even though I am a reality TV fanatic, I won't be tuning in. I am however anxious for Survivor, Desperate housewives, The Biggest Loser, and that new show with Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen!