Friday, September 01, 2006

It's that time

I can't believe that it is September. It feels like yesterday that I was ushering in Spring. The elusive season of summer seems to have escaped me. Going back to work in June and having to adjust the family unit into a routine certainly played a big part in that. We got so caught up in the daily life that it feels like I have not done anything that was on my summer agenda. Even though I'm not ready for Fall, it is a splendid season. I will swoosh and crunch the colourful leaves and welcome the crisp autumn air.

Today in bluedom, I celebrate a milestone. Break out the fine wine! This here is post #100. Like any television series, I thought maybe I should use this opportunity to heavily recap all the highlights that have come within this time frame. However I don't think that I'm as popular as half hour comedy, nor as gripping as a prime time drama. Those compiled snippets always leave me feeling like time is wasted because I just want the writers to deliver some new goods.

Instead it makes sense that today I honor Mrs. Chicky. She unknowingly led me to the dark side a mere six month ago. It's her natural way in which she crafts her witty words that makes me feel like she is a friend. Plus, it's not hard to fall for her adorable daughter Chicky Baby.

Mrs. Chicky recently captured how mothers can never stop being a mother. It's a thought process that never turns off.

"A mother is a mother no matter where she is or what she's doing because she is always, in the back of her mind, thinking about her family." - Mrs. Chicky

I raise a glass of D'Arenberg 'd'Arry's Original' and offer up this button.

A Perfect Post

I hope it makes her feel as warm and fuzzy as I felt when I discovered ThisNext - Blog. On the very same day that Brad reviewed the cool Mama C-ta and the distinguished Dooce, he also had some kind words for me. I discovered this review by stumbling upon it and of course I was thrilled to pieces. With a little digging, I found even more of my favourite blogs featured. Super cool!

Don't forget the round up of Perfect Posts can be found by visiting Momma K and Lucinda.

7 Singing the blues:

Mrs. Chicky said...

As I just said in my email to you, which was not gushy enough to convey my happiness btw, it means a lot to be nominated for a PP by you. You made my day, my friend. Thank you! I'll take you up on that wine. ;)

Before I go... 100 posts?! WhooHoo! Congratulations! Wine all around!

Jodi said...

Happy 100th Post! Here's to many more...

Sunshine Scribe said...

Happy 100.

And what a perfect blogger to honour with a PP!

chelle said...

Ooooo 100! That is exciting!! Congrats and keep the good stuff coming!

Pattie the Domesticator said...

100 posts! *Cheers*

Mrs. Chicky is one of my favorites....I also loved that post. Glad you nominated her.

And that This Next blog post.....he's right! Your little one is sooo cute!

Nancy said...

Happy 100th post! Here's to a couple hundred more! ;-)

Izzy said...

Happy 100th Post!!!!!