Thursday, November 23, 2006

Made You Look!

Thirteen Search Engine Hits

1. "rave soothers" - All the rage for today's babies!

2. "show a picture with a baby filled with soap all over" - There are tons of cute children pictures here but they are all fully clothed.

3. "generalization vs stereotype" - Sing it with me J, J, Judgy J. Who joins the fun? It's the Judgy J!

4. "babyblue need to be rude" - If babyblue needs to be rude, what does midnightblue need to be?

5. "macaroni looks" - Is this some crazy slang that I'm not familiar with?

6. "what kind of feelings and moods do babies show" - All of them. They laugh, giggle, contemplate, get bored, cry, can be frightened and even master a pretty nasty look should the situation call for it.

7. "list of charitable causes" - Plenty to choose from.

8. "tuna addiction" - I love spicy tuna! I think I could eat it every day. Yum...

9. "play pat-a-cake" - An untraditional way.

10. "marshmallow burger" - Not part of a healthy diet.

11. "coco ice t's wife" - This one has me puzzled? Really? You found me with this search?

12. "baby blue dragon with heart tattoo" - Very cool! So did you get it? Want to share a picture?

13. "funny maternity leave poems" - Sorry I haven't written a poem for many years. Unless my Green Beans song counts!

By the way, if you're looking for pie search no longer. Crazymumma is dishing it up at MommyBlogsToronto!

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8 Singing the blues:

Caylynn said...

Too funny! :D Amazing what people type into search engines! Even more amazing is the fact that some rather strange search terms bring them to our blogs!

Thanks for the grins and happy T13. :)

ali said...

damnit...i never get funny ones...i need to start adding random weird phrases into my blogs!

Norma said...

Search engine questions are so funny. It does make you wonder--and I thought I got odd questions as a librarian!

My TT is up.

MommyBa said...

#13 is just cool! :)

Happy Thursday!

kittenpie said...

somethign about funny maternity leave poems seems like a stretch...

Haley-O said...

Tuna addiction!? Ew! I can't imagine! ;) I get tons of weird monkey searches.... ;)

East of Oregon said...

happy Thanksgiving!

s@m said...

I never get any good hits! I want funny hits! *pout*

Happy TT!